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Valentine's Day Diorama

First off, here is the video doing the explaining if you don't feel like reading:

so you skipped?

Fair enough :D I have been working on this for so long you got not idea.

This is mainly watercolor with some acrylics and this grew out of a small idea into this many layered piece that you can actually download and print out to make yourself. If you are a patreon of mine at least. is the place to go.

This is depicting a scene from the story way down the line but it is way and I mean WAY in the future so here is the spoiler-free paragraph I can share with you:


The ballroom was bright, bathing the off-white walls in a golden color making everything look warmer than they normally were. Isar looked around looking for familiar faces. The people she met eyes with looked away abruptly and she was just confused. She sighed feeling at a loss. She had been feeling like that for so long now, especially when she was let alone… “Thank the heavens I’m not alone most of the time,” Isar thought as she looked for her guardian who was supposed to meet her. As she slowly walked toward the doors leading to the garden, wanting to look outside, to look at the sky with a desire she couldn’t quite put her finger on she saw the tall man slightly bowing down to her. “Milady, I have looked all over. Would you care to join me?” He asked with a slight blush on his face. Isar smiled as she saw that he almost clumsily hid a bunch of flowers behind his back. “Sure, no one else seems to keep me company anyway.” Just as she was reaching to hold his hand she could swear she felt something in the bushes. Something staring at her. She looked over but saw only the garden as the sun slowly began to set…"

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