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The Cover!

When I want something to be great I tend to overthink stuff you know. The cover is one such thing! I knew I wanted to go with the art nouveau-ish style with Isar and Alsar together. First I thought of going all Marvel-like with all the characters in one way or the other but the thing is: Y'all don't know any of them so there's no point in that.

So less is more. Deciding on the layout was another thing :D So I sketched out a few thumbnails and just ended up asking my co-worker and we decided on this beauty:

This notepad is the one I keep at the office all the time and the reason why I took this, fairy shaky, photo in the first place. So sorry for the utter lack of quality. With the layout decided I started sketching the whole thing out!

I had actually recorded the whole thing but ultimately decided against putting it on Youtube because I was coloring it traditionally and let's just say that my setup was less than ideal. Heck, I could barely see shit from my own shadow and twisting the page constantly wasn't helping either for anyone watching.

Maybe for future art, at least the traditional ones I mean, I'll dig out the right lighting and the right tripod.

I guess I'm just getting lazy ^^;

So here's the progress I had ~~

I first made the frame in Illustrator, then added the details of the frame in step one. Step two is the rough layout and where I want stuff. Then rough sketching then cleanup of the lines. And finally, I decided on the font I wanted to use.

I printed this out to fit more or less on my A3 marker paper, transferred aaaall the lines - which I must admit took me longer than I want to admit - and when ham with the alcohol markers. I mean that was a bold move coz I barely have any experience with those ^^; I just wish I knew how to edit the resulting photograph better!

Here we gooo ~~

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