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One year of Isar's Vengeance

I say ask anything but you can always ask anything :D but maybe a call to do so will help more?

Either way...

It has been a year, huh. A total of 60 pages published. A laughably small number compared to so many other people out there but I'm no student anymore. Gotta pay the bills. Sadly so. I shouldn't compare myself to anyone but one can't help really.

With time passing I get to at least refine the story with each pass that I make and considering how much time I spent in front of the pc I'll soon-ish change the style of the comic a bit to the traditional side. I will do the planning, composition and alike still on the pc (I waste no paper making mistakes/not liking the layout etc) but I really like how watercolor makes it so much easier to almost fake a background. A couple of strokes and you can simulate a forest, grass or whatever without it looking weird. I was feeling ok to using ready assets but I need to grasp more of y'all's attention if I want my story to be seen.

When I will start with this? I'm not quite sure. I'll need to source a few things and yes most of my stuff is still abroad so I'll need to organize well.

I did say that 60 pages weren't much but it isn't little either. I'm actually surprised that I even got this far. I'll need years to finish it at this pace but I'll finish it for sure. It just would be nice to fully focus on this~~

To another year!

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