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Making Patreon more interesting

Yeah I know I am not the most active when it comes to blog posts but when I was working on my piece of Char (drawing him is like a guilty pleasure of mine). I thought it would make the most sense to offer y'all my outlines, ready to print at your home to paint him yourself.

Will I be able to do that with all my illustrations?

I will most definitely try! The digital ones are fairly easy to organize. The traditional ones might be more of a hassle.

I don't like to hide my stuff behind paywalls but I want to attract more people to get into the patreon gang. I knoooow it has only been 10 weeks since the start of the comic but I want to grow so much faster!

Here is for example one part of the outline that I did on the pc coz I initially planned to draw this all digitally but got swept up by my love for alcohol markers and gold paint and all that jazz :D

Let me know what you think!

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