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It has begun

I mean I did start on Thursday but who's counting?

My brother came from Germany to visit my mum so naturally, I had to drop by. Thanks to the pandemic I wasn't able to visit last time and international travel is a thing of its own.

I'm totally beat at this point but excited that people on DeviantArt apparently liked what I put out. I mean in my eyes I see a ton of mistakes, not to mention that background >.< but I promised myself not to go back and redo it over and over again but move on.

Hoping that the next few weeks stay calm and I can keep a "buffer" of sorts to be always ahead of the game. I used to have a YouTube channel and it worked out for quite a bit but comparing a comic to video production isn't fair :D

Not that it is any less work but different and more easily done as I don't need to worry "oh is that noise gonna be bad, will this be ok, do I need to reshoot???" etc etc.

On a personal note: I am very fed up with my work at the moment and I'd love to dive in and just work on the comic but WELL gotta pay the bills.

And I know that I'm more writing to myself here than anything else. Maybe this is more a tracker for myself to see how far we've come. We'll see, we'll see.

So the early access of the page will be Monday, regular upload on Thursdays. Should work out fine :D

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