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I have been working on a project since March, the scope got bigger during the last few months and while there were periods of, frankly speaking, unnecessary waiting, I finally got finished this Saturday.

Why even write about this? Coz we're speaking of 39 texts that each needed deep research and while I don't mind reading through pages and pages of research papers, data and books... the sheer lack of information in some regards was VERY frustrating.

So yeah, I needed to celebrate this with a quick sketch. Nothing major. Just to mark this end.

I literally made this shortly before my shift on Sunday. Wasn't psyched to work either but hey, can't complain about having a steady job, am I right?

To be honest, only minor stuff is left for the project that I won't even count as work. Like listing out a few things, maybe edit a sentence or two but compared to the grunt work of research and compiling all the info: it is nothing.

Why freedom? I can work on stuff that has been incomplete for weeks! There's for example a watercolor piece where I need to add plenty of sunflowers :D

But I gotta say it feels weird to be free of that burden. I can focus on the comic and work ahead a bit. I know another gig will come up and to be honest I need the cash as well.

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