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Chp 2.1 done and an announcement/update

Aaaand that's a wrap for chapter 2.1. I can't believe that I was actually able to get this far even! I probably should have started with a shorter story and learned how to do stuff properly before diving into this huge thing (I mean 20 chapters but with in-between chapters that's gonna be close or even over 30...)

As for the announcement part:

I didn't write this anywhere before now but the last month was very turbulent to say the least.

Someone stole 20K from me, which was very painful to say the least. Followed by me getting fired the day after I said I wanted to quit (7 weeks in advance), putting me in a very weird place. Not to mention that I didn't get any severance pay (the reason for the firing is complete BS and HR knows it and were visibly uncomfortable firing me and my colleagues). So yes, I'm not taking that lying down. I have worked for them for over 6 years... that page was our baby.

The reason why I wanted to quit was that I'm very likely relocating (the reason why I wanted to work for another 7 weeks + legally required to work about that time anyway).

The only good of this is that I was able to help my sister with her engagement, even did the photoshoot with her and her husband-to-be.

There have been so many more, let's call them, inconveniences, that I'm thoroughly tired. The only thing that I really pushed through was working on the comic. It helped me ground myself. I know it is not the most amazing thing ever the web has seen, it is most definitely not helping financially (yet :D I see you Def! My one and only patreon! *hug*) but it is great to have some constant.

I'm planning to open commissions soon to the public. Don't know if any of you would be interested but I gotta do something about the financial part of this whole... disaster month. I hate to ask for money but if you can spare a dollar a month to support my art and the comic on patreon that would be really cool. Only if you can. If not, but still wanna help a fellow artist out, share the comic to friends and family! I know it is a bit slow now but I promise you it will be worth the ride ;)

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