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Chapter 2 is done - 6 months already?

That's a wrap! I can't believe I have been posting the comic for 6 months now! Time truly flies. I roughly calculated how long it'll take me at this pace to finish the story itself and I came to about 5-6 years. Though I know that some chapters will be much, much longer, so I expect it to be 7 years.

I just hope you guys are just as invested in this (as if anyone is reading this when it is published but I'm doing this to mark the occasion so to speak) as I am and maybe give me the opportunity to work on this full-time. I'd love to dive into the "Days of the Den" as well but that'll have to wait until I get more or less to the point of the story where it'll start to make sense and not spoil anything.

So in case you're reading this: Please support this comic and me on patreon. It is only one buck a month to read early and get all kinds of PSD files and I'm answering faster than anywhere else. I'm aware I'm many and I mean many of billions of stories out there but I'd just like to have a chance to tell this story to you.

Have a great spring and until the next post!

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