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Updated Event List!

18. Juni 2024

it was about time :D

I mean I literally got a spot on Contaku last night and it was high time I updated the list ~~

And this is the list! In case you can't read it for whatever reason here is a little breakdown:

29-30 June Feen Con in Bonn

This is the first fantasy themed convention and the first to be outdoors! It is gonna be a looooong day on Saturday but thankfully it is rather close to my home so I'll be sleeping in my own bed!

27-28 July Leipzig Art Days

This is as the name suggests an art market kinda situation. My first of this kind so I am really interested and excited to see what kind of crowd will be there. As this is quite a long way from home I even took some days off. No need to rush anywhere.

10-11 August Contaku, Magdeburg

People at the Nisa Con were raving about this one and considering that in that region there are not many cons in general I am quite excited. Wolfenbüttel was what felt like in the middle of nowhere and despite that people were coming and the vibes were just RIGHT if you know what I mean. I try to keep expectations low but I will be preparing quite a bit because...

17-18 August German Film and Comic Con in Essen

this con is literally the week after. Thankfully close to my home again but with barely a week to prepare I will have to do lots of prep work way ahead of time. The last thing I want is to be unprepared in any way.

06-08 September Annotopia, Rotenburg an der Fulda

This will be my second open air event and three days at that! I am a bit torn if I want to camp on site or seek the comfort of a hotel. Still got time to reconsider that :D

12-13 October Comic Con Amsterdam

A big event and by that time, I'll hopefully have grown my variety of products so that I can actually get my stand prices out :D My first few events were just too big for a newbie like me :)

26-27 October Comic Con Brussels

Same thing different local :D

07-08 December German Film and Comic Con in Dortmund

Same deal like the spring thing but I hope this one is better than that :D

And as a general note:

I have applied and keep applying to different events. So this list will most definitely change :))

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