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New cons and events

2. Mai 2024

Gotta start somewhere on this arts journey ~~

I have had the pleasure of attending my first con (you can check the previous entries for that) but I won't stop trying to find my people and make this a THING if you know what I mean.

So the current plan is this here:

And in case the image doesn't load: 04-05 May German Film & Comic Con, Dortmund

01 May CMC Köln

08-09 June Ni-Sa Con, Wolfenbüttel 27-28 July Leipzig Art Days

17-18 Aug German Film & Comic Con, Essen 06-08 Sept Annotopia, Rotenburg a.d. Fulda

12-13 Oct Comic Con Amsterdam

26-27 Oct Comic Con Brussels

07-08 Dec German Film & Comic Con, Dortmund

I had applied to maaaaany of this without knowing what I was getting into but WELL it will be an experience. Tabling at these isn't cheap but I hope it won't be as disastrous as FACTS.

This weekend for example I got the Dortmund one. I haven't heard good things and the general complaint is that it is expensive in general (plus this is the last spring version of the con, next year they're gonna make it into a 90s themed con). I checked the layout and it is much better than the other that I don't want to constantly mention.

Gonna pack up tonight and Friday after work, I'm going with Vic to set up the place :D

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