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Feen Con: My first open air event

3. Juli 2024

And what an event it was!

Ok apparently I am slowly getting the hang of this but let's roll from the top:

We had loaded up my car with all the stuff we need on Thursday so that directly after work, I was able to pick up my hubs from home and we headed to the local to set up the tent. We had built it the weekend before to get the guesswork out of it (and I am glad we did!). We just built the tent, set up the tables and some of the cubes and left. There was no need to set everything up for the wind then to just toss it all around.

The organization team is a bit all over the place and with the local being this open (a school grounds) it is kinda hard to keep track anyways.

In the morning we did the rest of the setup and started off to a very VERY hot day. It was busy enough and I am glad that people were interested enough and I got to sell both my prints and plenty of my bookmarks. I am slowly learning how to be a better seller and having more variety helps as well.

One costumer that really surprised me was this lady that saw my nymphs (all three of them) and was like "these fit into my bedroom perfectly, THIS shade. I'll go and get the money." She scampered off and really did show up a couple minutes later. I was so pleasantly surprised that this alone made all the work worth it!

During the day we got several warnings about the weather at night but thank god the tent was super wet and dripping around for a while but my tables survived it nonetheless (we had collected all the stuff for the night and kept them in the car). We were debating of moving inside but my hubs decided against it and I am glad we did. The weather wasn't as hot as the previous day and despite it being a Sunday we still had plenty of people drop by.

Let's just say I broke my record of earnings this weekend. And that despite having Dokomi on the same days!

As you can see it is three days after this all and I just got around to writing up :D I was tired, still sort of am, but that is probably more due to the sudden change of temperatures that are common in Germany.

I can't wait to attend this event next year again!

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