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FACTS Con and the first "news" here

2. März 2024

As the name suggests this is a place for some news as they pop up. The web editor is WEIRD af so I am just adding text boxes as needed. (Using the blog for the comic itself and the last thing I need is to mix that up.)

At the moment I am preparing for the FACTS con in Brussels on 6th and 7th April. My -ehem- financial situation is still a bit shaky but I found a way to get some prints printed and I'll see what else I can do.

It is just disappointing that I couldn't prepare the way I wanted to. My priority at the moment is to get the webpage in good shape. Literally what I have been doing right now. This might not be the most elegant solution but at least SOMETHING.

When the financial situation gets better I will switch to another provider for websites so that I can have the comic better and have a separate blog where I can jabber on and on and you can actually answer me.

See you until then!

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