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CMC Köln - we're going somewhere

14. Mai 2024

I almost want so say it was a three on three

... meaning as in a weird/shitty con but that would be a lie.

Considering that this one was a MUCH MUCH smaller event to the other two previously, it could be considered a success. It is just insanely funny to me that I have been selling the same amount. 19€ for each event. This one actually was 18,5€ but I let it count as 19.

It is a success to me because it was much less crowded and only one day. And as a side note I need to say that the desk was incredibly low and weirdly narrow? It would have been nice to have it a bit higher but welp. Can't have everything.

As usual I got to chatting quite a bit and heard that the Köln version is usually slower compared to the other ones. I applied then and there for the other locals (for the weekends that I have nothing planned yet) and we'll see about them.

One thing that I reeeeeally got excited about was a man, who was actively looking for self-published comics! He was a representative of a magazine promoting those and it just made me giddy to finally rework the first few chapters of Isar's Vengeance. The prices to print in small amounts are manageable thank God.

And to be fair: as much as I want to do this for a living (the art thing in general) I have changed my mentality a bit: This is for the foreseeable future a hobby, like going to a concert. I love the experience, the vibrant cosplayers, the artists brimming with creativity and the people just visiting to see all this for themselves. Financially I am getting better, my mindset with FACTS was... in a bad place and I would have needed a couple hundred really bad just around then but it is what it is.

I am really excited for the next ones!

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