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The stories featured on this site contain NSFW elements such as gore and sex (consensual and non-consensual).


Proceed to browse here at your own risk.

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The main story of our protagonists. 20-year-old Isar is out to get revenge on the emperor, who has been harvesting young and old for his own ends.

It is a story about power, desire and companionship.

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A kind of prequel to "Isar's Vengeance" telling stories of Bohan and the gang at the Dragon's Den.


These stories can be read with no fear of major spoilers for the main story.


You might consider it a supplement for the actual one.

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Updates, announcements, ramblings and more can be found here.

Both Lyra and Victor share their thoughts there and Victor is a notorious shitposter - so beware :D

Head over there to see what's new and/or planned.

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